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Traffic Offenses And Your Privilege To Drive

Law enforcement officers throughout northern Idaho are zealous in enforcing traffic laws. If you are accused of a traffic violation, it may seem easy and relatively harmless to simply plead to the charge. In reality, pleading to a charge can adversely impact your insurance rates, cost you your driving privileges and even bring jail time. If you hold a commercial driver's license (CDL), a conviction for a traffic offense will impact your livelihood. It is vital that you call the law firm of Steven Frampton, Attorney at Law, in Hayden to protect your rights.

Alleged traffic violations are often used as a gateway for law enforcement to look for evidence of other violations, including DUI, weapons offenses and drug crimes.

DUI Charges In North Idaho Have Wide-Reaching Consequences

Idaho prosecutors take DUI charges seriously. A drunk driving conviction can have an adverse impact on driving privileges, insurance premiums and other consequences that drivers in northern Idaho likely have questions about. It is common for a person to be unsure of where to turn. With the potential for jail time, heavy fines and license suspension, it is vital that you call an experienced Coeur d'Alene DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after your arrest.

DUI charges often involve more than the criminal case. If tests indicate you have 0.08 percent alcohol concentration or above, your privilege to drive will be suspended. You have a limited amount of time to challenge the suspension in an administrative hearing. We will review your case and protect your rights. If you are accused of breath test refusal, the suspension period is longer and you are entitled to fight the accusation in a refusal hearing in court.

25 Years Of Experience You Can Trust

When you retain our law firm, we will strive to get to know you and grasp your individual goals, in addition to the circumstances that led to your arrest. Anyone can face a DUI charge in Idaho, and the consequences are harsh. We fight to protect your rights and may be able to get charges dropped or reduced, depending on the individual facts of the case.

If you are facing DUI charges in the Coeur d'Alene area, the criminal defense lawyer you choose can make a difference. Call us at 208-762-3385 or contact us online. The initial phone consultation to discuss your situation is free.